With years of expertise in software development, the Loirsa team has automated multiple facets of small business pipelines. We prioritize quality and excellence in everything we do, including long-term relationships with our clients and unwavering customer satisfaction. Our user-friendly interfaces, optimized technical approach, and ongoing direct support ensure clients’ needs are met.


We seek to empower businesses with custom software automation solution that revolutionize their operations. Through commitment to understanding the unique challenges and goals of each client, our tailored solutions streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth.


Our vision is to be a leading provider of seamless custom software automation solutions integrated into every aspect of business processes – freeing up valuable time, resources, and saving hard-earned money.


Excellence, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and customer success. These are the qualities we strive to maintain in our business ventures.

Meet the team!

Taeten Prettyman

Taeten is an outdoor enthusiast, multi-talented software developer, and aspiring team leader. He has honed his development skills in various programming languages and frameworks, and possesses a wealth of experience in developing innovative custom software solutions. As a veteran, Taeten maintains a diverse skillset and embodies the qualities of discipline, adaptability, and teamwork. He has two dogs and can frequently be found hiking/camping with his family.

Andrew Apodaca

Andrew began his career in software development in 2020 after working for 3 years as a public tax accountant. With this unique background, Andrew is able to analyze problems and curate solutions from both a technical and a financial perspective. A man of many hobbies, Andrew typically spends his time at the shooting range, PC gaming with friends, producing music, or at the gym. He also has many pets, including 3 dogs.